Day of the Dead

 El Día de los Muertos Nov. 2020

Featured Artist Héctor Saldivar

About the artist


Héctor Saldivar is a local Mexican-American artist who often displays his artworks at Casa HoLa and works with the Tennessee Arts Commission in Nashville. He typically works with papier-mache and clay, however, he also paints with acrylics and oils.

Héctor is originally from Mexico City but has been living in East Tennessee for over 20 years. At his studio in Lenoir City, he offers art lessons for both children and adults.

His current works displayed at Casa HoLa reflect the Mexican tradition of el Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. On this day, past loved ones are remembered and celebrated with parades, music, and dispalying ofrendas, or altars. The ofrendas are decorated with personal photos, favorite foods, and traditional decorations such as paper marigold flowers, pan de muerto, sugar skulls and calaveras, or skeleton figurines. Héctor’s current collection includes skeleton figurines and busts made of papier-mache and clay.

You can get in touch with Héctor via email at, via phone at (865) 335-4016 or connect on Instagram @HectorLeoSculpture.

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Still on Sale at Casa HoLa!

Sugar Skulls / Calaveras de Azúcar

Hand-decorated locally and on sale for only $4 / piece.

The University of Tennessee Spanish Students' Annual Altar Decorating Competition for el Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead

This year’s winners include an alter decorated in remembrance of the late Mexican-American singer Selena (right) by UT student Dante and another celebrating the Tennessee Volunteers by student Alay (left). All students at the University who are enrolled in a Spanish course during the fall may have the opportunity to participate in the annual competition. All entries are displayed at Hodges Library on campus on November 1st and 2nd, when the tradition is celebrated.

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Héctor Saldivar’s artwork was displayed in a traditional ofrenda style complete with many candles, marigolds, and pan de muerto. Our gallery was also decorated in celebration of el Día de los Muertos. (left)

We sold pan de muerto, sweet bread topped with cinnamon sugar, hot and fresh chicken tamales from Mexico Lindo, and hand-decorated sugar skulls. (middle)

We have new artisan crafts in from Oaxaca, Mexico, made by Enrique Muñoz. These include nichos/cajitas or skeleton dioramas/shadow boxes. They are selling fast, so come get yours today! (right)